VG-Ripper is a Utility that Downloads (Rips) all Images posted on the ViperGirls Forums, and PG-Ripper on all VB (vBulletin) Forums.


Auto Image Renaming
If there is already an Image with The Same name in the Current Download folder it will automatically renames the image and adds an "_xxx" to the Filename

Auto Update
Ripper checks on Start if a new Version is available, and inform the user about a new Version. And will Automatically download and Restart the new Version.

Check for already Ripped Posts
If this function is activated, every Post# you have ripped will be saved. And will be skipped if you try to download this post again. Its very useful when you Rip a Complete Thread but you only want to rip the newest Images which you don't already have. When you try to rip a single Post again Ripper ask you if you want to Rip this Post again.

Clipboard Monitoring
Copy an Thread or Post URL (Or multiple Urls, As many as you want) to the Windows Clipboard. Ripper automatically picks them up and try's to Rip all Images

Generates Sub folders
You Can choose between 3 Options where the Images should been saved.
  1. Downloads all Images to the Main Download folder you have chosen (Example: ..\My Pictures\)
  2. Downloads all Images to the Main Download folder but creates a sub folder for each Thread (Example: ..\My Pictures\Babe XYZ\)
  3. Downloads all Images to the Main Download folder but creates a sub folder for each Thread, Subforum and each Post (Example: ..\My Pictures\Celebrities\Babe XYZ\post# 01234 or if Post Title exists ..\My Pictures\Celebrities\Babe XYZ\PostTitle - If Post Titles are the same folder name will be renames as Post Title Set# X)

Image Preview
The Last Downloaded Image will be displayed as Preview. If you double Click on it Ripper opens the Image in your Default Image Viewer.

Ripper is multilingual (English, German, French). You can easily switch the language in the Options.

Resuming of Downloads
You can Pause/Resume Downloads (Currently it will pause all Downloads)
Ripper automatically saves all ongoing Downloads when you Close the Ripper, and Resumes Downloading if you Start it again.

Supported Forums
PG-Ripper works on all vBulletin Forums, the following forums are tested and specially optimized.... You can manage Multiple Accounts from different Forums. If you want to switch to an Account Simply select the Forum from the Accounts Menu, or add a new Forum Account there.

RiP-Ripper works only with ViperGirls Forums and is optimized.

Supported Image Hosts
Ripper Currently Supports over a 100 Image Hosts and all Direct Linked Images.

Supported OS's
PG-Ripper X Supports thru the Mono Framework many Os's like Linux and Mac OS.

Currently a few functions are disabled in PG-Ripper X...
  • Tray Icon and Tray Menu disabled
  • No Auto Update Function
  • No Clipboard Monitoring

"Thank You" Button Function
If this function is enabled Ripper presses dynamically the "Thank You" in the Forum for each Post you have Ripped.
You can also specify the number of images needed to press the "Thank You" Button.

Tray Icon and Status Messages
You Can Hide Ripper in the Tray Icon, or access the Main Functions from the Tray menu.
If activated Ripper shows Status Messages as Tray Pop ups.

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